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Dog Bite Lawyers in Northern Michigan

Dog bites are a growing epidemic in this country leading to hundreds of injuries and even fatalities. Serious injuries can be caused by dogs biting or just running loose. Dog owners can be held responsible for damages cause by their dogs biting or running loose. Damages for medical expenses, pain, suffering, and scarring.

Dog bites can cause permanent and serious scarring. We have had the honor of representing many children and adults who received serious injuries from dog bites. Serious, and sometime fatal, injuries can also result from dogs chasing people who are walking, biking or riding motorcycles.

If you or your child is bitten by a dog, get medical assistance as soon as possible. Next, contact your county animal control office or make a police report. Then call GSIR Law for a free consultation about your case: 877-695-2943.

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Dog BiteHarrison Michigan
Our client was a little boy who was bit on his face by an unprovoked dog. He will have permanent scarring.


Dog Bite – Midland Michigan
Our client was bit on the nose and required cosmetic surgery to improve the scar left by the attack.

I didn’t have to do a single thing. You took care of it all!

Dog Bite, Rose City Michigan

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