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Client Testimonials

In our eyes, they are angels and they were the only ones who believed in us when no one else did. We were impressed with the updates and hard work Dan and his staff provided to us.

Car Accident, Atlanta Michigan

I feel they went the extra mile for me. I know my case was not easy, it could have went either way and in the end we won and I got double the amount I wanted. Nice job and thank you to you both.

Treated us like a person, not a paycheck.

Car Accident, Remus Michigan

Friendly people. Dan was up on everything. An enjoyable experience. If I needed to, will use them again.

Car Accident, Mio Michigan

I was impressed with how quickly they responded to questions and how they kept us informed of everything going on with my case. We were completely satisfied with them.

Car Accident, Elmira Michigan

He was very easy from start to finish, with little needed by me.

Car Accident, Coleman Michigan

You were always there for us when we needed you. If it was answering questions, giving us an update, or taking us to an appointment, you were there for us! Thank you so much.

Car Accident, Hemlock Michigan

That time was taken to work with the average guy.

Car Accident, Clare Michigan

I was impressed with how informed the office staff was and could always help me out. Also, willingness of Dan to meet with me in Midland.

Car Accident, Midland Michigan

The speed of getting everything done. You were like family. We would and will keep sending people we meet to you. We were so happy we came to you!

Car Accident, Beaverton Michigan

Results from Our Michigan Clients


Boating Accident - Mecosta Michigan Boating operator not paying attention and no spotter caused the wrongful death of a young swimmer.


Auto Accident - Midland Michigan Our client was a 2-year-old passenger in a vehicle struck by a van that lost control on icy roads. He suffered a traumatic brain injury.


Auto Accident - Blanchard Michigan Our client was injured and paralyzed when the vehicle he was in struck a cow a farmer failed to secure that wandered out into the roadway at night.


Motorcycle Accident - Shepherd Michigan Our client was injured when a dog ran out into the road causing him to lose control. The result was multiple fractures and he died as a result of his injuries.


Auto Accident - Harrison Michigan Our client was killed at night when the vehicle he was in struck a trailer crossing the road without appropriate lighting.


Auto Accident - Gladwin Michigan Our client was killed while a passenger in a vehicle that lost control.


Medical Malpractice - Bay City Michigan Our client was a young man who died as a result of his medical providers failing to address laboratory results in a timely manner.


Workplace Accident - Hale Michigan Our client suffered permanent injury to his arm while using equipment that failed to have a guard and shutoff that would have prevented his injuries.


Auto Accident - Hemlock Michigan Our client was injured when a driver was operating too fast for slippery conditions. The result was a closed head injury, inability to work, and pain and suffering.

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