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Client Testimonials

Pat was very professional. I liked that he had a good standing with the judge and he steered me when I started getting off track. Got me ready with the literature and counseling.

SSI Benefits, Cadillac Michigan

Pat was very thorough. He gave me good advice and walked me through the process quite well. Friendly but professional. No bad marks. I have already recommended Gray, Sowle & Iacco to a friend.

SSI Benefits, Baldwin Michigan

Professionalism. Everyone did their job extremely well and made me feel comfortable. I have already recommended your firm to others. Thanks for the time you spent on my case! I honestly can’t think of anything that wasn’t handled flawlessly!

SSI Benefits, Lakeview Michigan

I was impressed with how nice everybody was to us, and how at home you made us feel, I would recommend you to anybody who needed a lawyer.

SSI Benefits, Gladwin Michigan

I was waited on like it was important, things were explained thoroughly.

SSI Benefits, Lake George Michigan

They spent an hour reviewing my case before the hearing. Pat covered everything we needed, and made sure we were set. We have referred others to your firm.

SSI Benefits, St. Louis Michigan

Dan made me feel important to him. He told me what was going to happen ahead of time, which made me prepared for it.

Workers’ Compensation, Brethren Michigan

What impressed me the most was the way Gray, Sowle & Iacco explained my rights and they answered any questions I had. They did a very good job. Thank You!

Workers’ Compensation, Gaylord Michigan

You were not like how some people portray lawyers. It was a good experience for my first time working with a lawyer.

Workers’ Compensation, Traverse City Michigan

Dan was so generous letting us keep the whole survivors loss settlement. I feel so grateful and blessed to have had such a great attorney working with us throughout this whole process. And I can’t thank him enough.

Car Accident, Midland Michigan

Results from Our Michigan Clients


Boating Accident - Mecosta Michigan Boating operator not paying attention and no spotter caused the wrongful death of a young swimmer.


Auto Accident - Midland Michigan Our client was a 2-year-old passenger in a vehicle struck by a van that lost control on icy roads. He suffered a traumatic brain injury.


Auto Accident - Blanchard Michigan Our client was injured and paralyzed when the vehicle he was in struck a cow a farmer failed to secure that wandered out into the roadway at night.


Motorcycle Accident - Shepherd Michigan Our client was injured when a dog ran out into the road causing him to lose control. The result was multiple fractures and he died as a result of his injuries.


Auto Accident - Harrison Michigan Our client was killed at night when the vehicle he was in struck a trailer crossing the road without appropriate lighting.


Auto Accident - Gladwin Michigan Our client was killed while a passenger in a vehicle that lost control.


Medical Malpractice - Bay City Michigan Our client was a young man who died as a result of his medical providers failing to address laboratory results in a timely manner.


Workplace Accident - Hale Michigan Our client suffered permanent injury to his arm while using equipment that failed to have a guard and shutoff that would have prevented his injuries.


Auto Accident - Hemlock Michigan Our client was injured when a driver was operating too fast for slippery conditions. The result was a closed head injury, inability to work, and pain and suffering.

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